From setting intentions to finding joy in the everyday, I love to create bespoke creative writing workshops for groups big and small.

I run regular workshops in Calliope’s Writers and am available to hire. Please contact me to find out more.

Upcoming Workshops

21th April 2023

Calliope’s April Creative Workshop | 9.15 GMT

Come on a journey into the wild, the wonderful and the extraordinarily ordinary! Join me for this fun and interactive workshop on postcards and places. 

We’ll go on a hunt behind picture-perfect scenes to find the weird and wondrous, we’ll take a moment to revisit familiar paths to find the unfamiliar. 

Over the course of an just over an hour, we will use postcards, prompts and some creative exercises to take us on a journey to get creative, flex our writing muscles and have a play with character and place.

Join Calliope’s Writers to attend the workshop.

12th December 2023

Artwell | Support Inspire Refresh | 9.30 – 13.00

Rainbows in Washing Lines and Cats in Clouds: Reigniting joy in the everyday in which participants to look at how they can mine the ordinary to help spark joy and wonder through a series of enjoyable, playful and imaginative creative writing exercises.

Past Workshops

Calliope’s Februrary Creative Workshop | 24th February 2023

A playful and creative workshop to help kickstart your writing over the coming months. We will cover how to find cloud gaps in your everyday life to help kindle your imagination and find renewed joy in your creative practice. Join Calliope’s Writers to attend the workshop.

Calliope’s January Creative Workshop | 25th January 2023

Ease into the New Year with intention and attention REPLAY AVAILABLE IN Calliope’s Writers.

The urgent demands of today, especially around New Year’s Resolutions, can be overwhelming, exhausting or for some really quite exhilarating and exciting. As an alternative start to the year, join me for an hour of gentle intention and attention setting to help you ease your way into the year.