About Lucy Beckley

Lucy Beckley is a Writer, Poet and Marketing Consultant.
Photo of Lucy Beckley by Kate Kalvinos

Lucy Beckley is a writer, poet and marketing consultant.

My writing and poetry has appeared in Popshot Magazine, Strike Magazine, The Lit Platform, Lionheart Magazine, A Thousand Word Photos, Dear 2020 Zine, Reasons to be Cheerful, Why Mums Are Amazing by The Mum Poem Press, Gingernut Magazine, Blood Moon Journal and many more. I have performed at Telltales in Falmouth, for the The Mum Poem Press and for SproutSpoken at Tunes in the Park Festival and for their immersive outdoor project You Are Here. You can read about the two books I’m currently working on.

I have an MA in European Cultures from Birkbeck University. In 2022, I completed an MA in Professional Writing at Falmouth University and received a distinction for my final project. In summer 2023, I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Creative Writing at Cambridge University.

I am also co-host of Calliope’s Writers, an online community for mothers who write and regularly run workshops both online and in person.

Alongside my writing, I work as a freelance marketing and communications consultant. Over the past 16 years, I have worked in a variety of roles for corporate, consumer, not-for-profit and start-up businesses in Germany, the UK and Portugal. Find out about the marketing services that I offer and get in touch if you want to work with me.