Lucy Beckley

Poet, Writer, Marketing Consultant.

Lucy Beckley is a writer, poet and marketing consultant. Image of

A creative thinker, word tinkerer and wearer of many hats.

From writer to marketing consultant, from poet to mother, from florist to font geek, from holder of space to brownie baker. My name is Lucy and it’s nice to ‘meet’ you.

I believe that the best stories are the ones hidden away in plain sight, scribbled on the back of a hand, stuffed in a drawer or filed away in a library of memories.

I love to dive behind the everyday ordinary and find something extraordinary.

I am co-host of Calliope’s Writers, an online community for mothers who write. Join Georgina Green and I for co-writing, creative kindling, workshops and more.

I run creative writing workshops and am developing affordable writing retreats for women in Cornwall, launching in 2023.

Read about my most recently published work, find out about the books I’m currently working on, book a solo retreat in Cornwall or get in touch if you would like to work with me.